Curioustre Complete Drip Irrigation Kits System 5/7″ 50ft,Bl…

Curioustre Complete Drip Irrigation Kits System 5/7" 50ft,Bl...

CURIOUSTRES AUTOMATIC DRIP IRRIGATION KIT is just what you need for smarter, modern, economical and eco-friendly watering of lawn, garden, patio, greenhouse, swimming pool, misting fog cooling, or agricultural irrigation. Countless homes and businesses use this system because it is so easy to install yourself, is durable with very high quality parts, and lets anyone save up to 70% on water and costs.

WATER PRESSURE REQUIREMENTS: 25-45 PSI. Put the hose and connection in hot water for 10 seconds for easier assembly. The assembly cools and stays tight. This kit system is effective for 20 to 25 square meters of irrigated area. If you are watering a large area or lawn, we suggest using 1/2″ tubing as the main line with 5/7″ tubing for branches. This creates sufficient water pressure to efficiently run your drip system.

EASY TO CUSTOMIZE And expand your system to any size you need. Additional tubing, feeder lines, and fittings are available to create your own custom irrigation design. Quick and easy to design and install yourself. No plumber or digging needed.

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Package Contents:

*Atomizing nozzle 4 way 4 Piece,

*Dripper 15Piece,

*Mini springer 15Piece,

*Atomizing nozzle 15Piece

*Barbed Tee 5/7″ 15Piece,

*Tubing Stakes 15Pice ,

*Barbed Coupling 5/7″ 15 Piece,

*1/2″,5/8″,3/4″ Tubing Quick Connector 1Piece,

*3/4″ & 5/7″ Threaded Faucet Connector 1Piece,

*50″ 5/7″ Tubing (Micro) 1Piece,

*stamp 1Piece

*Mini Doll 1Piece
Curioustres Complete Drip Irrig* EVERYTHING YOU NEED FOR DRIP IRRIGATION of your yard, garden, plants, and trees from Curioustres. Delivers water directly to roots for much healthier plants, faster growth, and far less waste. This is the eco-friendly way to water your yard. Just right for drought or limited water conditions.
* SAVES 70% ON WATER COSTS thanks to the much more efficient use of water. Easily adjust how much spray goes to each plant or zone. Prevents over watering or dried, dead areas. Greatly reduces evaporation and unwanted runoff. Will lower expensive water bills in summer.Radius 0.5-3m,water volume 24-36 liters per hour,depending on the water pressure,the pressure does not exceed 2-4 bar.
* SUPER EASY TO ASSEMBLE thanks to the clever design and simple 3 step assembly process. Anyone can install this system yourself. No plumber or digging needed. Everything lies on top the ground and requires no special skill to install or operate. Complete easy to follow installation and operation instructions included for plant , irrigation timers , indoor plant watering devices , orbit drip irrigation hose , raindrip , dig , oasis , dripping , pump automated
* HIGHEST QUALITY PARTS & MATERIALS for year round use. Professional quality drip hose made with UV resistant materials. Won’t degrade under sunlight. Excellent resistance to chemicals. You can leave it out year-round in any weather. You can run it along the surface or bury under soil.
* 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE ensures this will quickly become your favorite no-risk purchase. Many people are stocking up with 2 or 3 of these to share with friends. HURRY AND BUY NOW while we have this popular drip system in plentiful supply. This makes a thoughtful birthday gift, holiday present, or anniversary gift – great for anyone with a yard, plants, or trees.

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