Growing Carrots The Right Way

The right way of growing carrots:

There are more than a hundred varieties of carrots, but typically only 4 groups are used for planting. The carrot plant needs more moisture than other vegetables you may have grown in the past. Drought is one condition a growing carrot will not tolerate. An extended period of hot temperature is believed to cause the vegetable to have an excessively strong flavor.

Best way to plant carrots:

When growing carrots the seeds can be placed in the soil during the early part of spring. They should be gently pressed into the dirt about a ¼ of an inch and spaced apart 1-1/2 foot at the minimum. The seeds should then be covered with well-rotted compost, and then kept moist until they sprout. Once they become settled in the soil, a layer of mulch should be added to preserve moisture.

Carrot care:

You want to use a loose, well-drained soil with a P.H. of 5.5 to 7.5. Growing carrots do best when the soil has a high-level of potassium. Adding wood ashes to the soil will help accomplish this.

Garden pests:

A common pest found on carrots is the carrot fly. It begins life as a maggot, feeding on the outside of the vegetable. Moles, mice and rabbits can be a problem for your carrots as well. Use a pest netting to help keep them off your crops.

Growing carrots is a great way of getting exercise, saving money at the grocery store and ensuring your family is eating healthy vegetables.

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