How To Grow Carrots

Growing carrots is fun and easy. Bright red carrots are quite a sight. Planted carrot seeds take about 80 to 90 days to sprout and grow. The best type of carrots for sowing in containers or window boxes is the short-rooted varieties. They mature quickly and tasty. If you have well enough garden space, the medium-rooted types are the best option. Carrots require cool weather that is accompanied with wet spells, good amount of sunshine and fertile, well-drained, sandy soil for growth. The best time of the year to grow carrots is from mid March to end of June.

Before planting seeds, make sure that the soil bed is raised and that the soil is tilled to about eight inches depth. The bed should be free of clods and rocks and it should be enriched with some compost. Now comes the planting part. Plant carrot seeds in furrows that are about an inch in depth. Space the rows one foot apart and make sure to keep the rows straight. If you want the carrots to be really large ones, it is necessary to space them wider apart.

After you have completed planting all the seeds cover the seeds with soil and lightly water the carrot bed. Do not plant the seeds too deep into the soil and often this is the reason why carrots do not sprout. You should see sprouts in a couple of week’s time. At this point, you have to be careful with the soil and prevent any weeds from growing in it. Once the seedlings grow enough to grasp, you can begin thinning them. Do not thin the sprouts too much as this can cause encourage weeds to grow. Another thing that you must be vary off is the carrot fly pest, which can spoil it.

Water the carrot bed before you pull out the carrot, so that they come out easily. Twist the carrot top before pulling it out. If the top breaks off, use a garden fork or a spade to loosen the soil and pull the vegetable out. Make sure to keep the carrots well-watered when the climate is dry as this will keep the ground damp as they begin to germinate. Carrot is one vegetable that continues to grow, even when the climate is still chilly, with a bi of frost. So, start the planting as early as early spring time and continue to experience growth well into the fall and winter season.

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