My Love Of Growing Carrots

I love growing carrots in my garden. The vibrant orange of carrots on my plate. They are loaded with vitamin

And its one of the few vegetables that are better for you when cooked then eating it raw. When you cook the carrot it helps soften the tough cell walls and makes all of the carrots nutrients available to you. The baby carrots are more tender, but have less flavor since they are immature. The orange color comes from the bcarotene which metabolises into vitamin A when you digest it.

Few other vegetables will match home-grown carrots for vitamin content and sweet flavor. Carrots will remaining in good condition long after maturity, so they are rarely wasted. Even though carrots prefer cool weather, crops can be grown in mid­summer in all areas of the country but the South. In mild winter areas, if you plant carrots in early fall, the roots will continue to grow slowly during the winter, insuring a steady supply for salads, stews, and carrot sticks. Most varieties require 65 to 75 days to grow to full size.

Plant seeds 1/2 inch deep and 1/2 inch apart; later thin to 2 inches and finally thin to 3 inches. Begin to pull carrots when roots reach finger size, you harvest all roots before seed heads form. If the soil is a little hard, pry roots with a trowel as you pull up on the tops – this will prevent them from breaking off.

Growing carrots In containers – Short varieties and miniatures are best choices. Soil should be at least ten to twelve inches deep and very loose.

If you would like to read a more detailed approach to growing carrots Please visit my site on growing vegetables.

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