Tips For Growing Great Carrots

Carrot is the most commonly used vegetable in the kitchen, and it also easy to grow. To grow carrots, you should have a bed garden so that the carrots can grow deep into the ground. The best and ideal circumstances are when the soil is loose and when air can circulate easily through the soil.

So, when you are beginning to grow carrots, the first step you should undertake is to prepare the bed. This area needs to be prepared by mixing compost about three weeks before you plan to plant the carrot seeds. You can also start preparing the bed in the fall by mixing the fallen leaves in the soil.

In addition, the pH of the soil should between 5.5 and 6.5. To check the acidity of the soil, you can get a home testing kit for around $10. This kit is available at most garden centers, or it can be purchased online.

Sow the carrot seeds in the bed for about half inch deep. Make sure they are not deeper than that as the seeds will have a tough time coming out of the soil. Carrot seeds germinate at around 74 degrees Fahrenheit. Though you do not have control over the temperature, you can maintain it by watering in the afternoon, for example. Each seed should be sown at least two inches apart. The carrot plant will have plenty of room to spread out this way. Water the patch moderately. For the initial few days, water the plants early in the morning.

Each row of carrots should be separated by the other by at least eight inches. Monitor the level of rainfall also. If it has been raining heavily, then you might want to skip watering the plants for a day or two. Remember, carrots are relatively easy to grow. They do not need much in terms of maintenance and care once the plants take root.

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